🔷 What can be monitored on YouTube?

  • Videos with titles and full description
  • Shorts
  • Comments
  • Number of video's views

🔷 What are the limitations for YouTube data?

Since 2019, data can be kept by providers like SentiOne for maximum 30 days (meaning, after 30 days data will be deleted or refreshed in the system).

🔴 Other YouTube API limitations that you may experience using SentiOne:

  • What can be spotted in Mentions module, it is not allowed to implement algorithms like sentiment and gender detection, reach analysis on Youtube results
  • YouTube data is not presented in the Analysis module, because it cannot be aggregated
  • Filtering by domain groups (e.g. Video), sentiment or gender doesn’t return YouTube statements. In order to see YouTube mentions only, search for www.youtube.com in Website address (URL) field.

🔷 Can SentiOne collect hashtags that are presented below the YouTube video?

Yes, we get them for you! 🚀
They are actually the first three hashtags automatically extracted by YouTube algorithms from the video description. Since SentiOne is getting full video description, hashtags are collected too! 👍