A mention is a single statement (result) found while searching the internet with your query (project).

SentiOne searches for each keyword and rule separately and collects all the results in the Mentions view. Here, you can browse through individual statements to prepare a qualitative analysis of your brand, competitors, market or any other topic you can think of. Use the sorting and filtering options to narrow down the results you want to analyze and make your work easier! :muscle:

What can I do with mentions?

:one: Filter & sort

Sort your mentions by their date, popularity (Influence Score) or the engagement they generated (Engagement Rate). If you're looking for more specific results, use the filters available on the right side of the screen — they allow you to pick out, for example, only positive Tweets containing the word “SentiOne”, written by women. :green-heart: :woman:

:two: Download

You can export raw data from SentiOne! Scroll down and find the option to download the mentions in XLS or CSV format at the bottom of the filters. :arrow-down-small: Please note that limits apply.

:three: Assign sentiment, gender, tag or ignore irrelevant mentions

Your opinion matters! If you want to change the automatically assigned sentiment of a mention, the gender of the author, or if you want to mark a statement as important or filter it out from the results — go right ahead! Try all the options and play with your results.

:four: Bulk operations

Tired of tagging mentions related to your marketing campaign one by one? Do you want to ignore every comment written by a hater? Bulk operations allow you to tag or ignore mentions collectively.
Be careful: this operation cannot be undone! :no-good: You can, however, restore ignored mentions one by one. Read more here: How to restore ignored mentions? Can I get deleted mentions back? :point-left:

Psst… You can also change the sentiment of all the same Retweets in bulk, with one click only. :white-check-mark: Select the sentiment on one of the Retweets and SentiOne will ask if you want to apply the same operation to every other same Retweet! PS: This option is not available in SentiOne React.

Watch the video to learn more :arrow-forward: