Authorization is a connection between your professional social media account and SentiOne application. Such integration allows to collect data even faster and give SentiOne access to more mention types, e.g. your brand page's private messages.

Authorizations module is where you can integrate and manage access to your social media accounts in SentiOne. With the available options you can authorize among others:

:large-blue-diamond: Facebook pages and groups

:large-blue-diamond: Instagram profiles

:large-blue-diamond: Twitter profiles

:large-blue-diamond: TikTok Ads accounts

:large-blue-diamond: Reddit profiles

:large-blue-diamond: LinkedIn profiles

:large-blue-diamond: YouTube channels

Thanks to that you can get more data from those platforms.

Besides, SentiOne offers integrations with Google Play, Wykop, Disqus, Twilio ...and more. :confetti-ball:

What can I do in Authorizations?

:one: Authorize your media channels

In order to integrate your social media channels with SentiOne, choose the Authorize new account button in the upper right corner of the screen :arrow-upper-right:, select the platform and click Authorize. If you don’t see the source you are interested in among the icons, click on the dedicated link and enter the domain.

:two: Refresh or remove the authorizations

Sometimes accounts become deauthorized due to an expired period (60 days), loss of administrator rights or other cause. This is the time when you need to refresh your authorization. In order to achieve this, simply click the Refresh authorization button on the list near to the name of your social channel.



You have a lot of accounts and can't find the problematic one? In this case try the filtering by authorization state: deauthorized. Thanks to that you'll see only deauthorized pages on the list!

Besides, we always color your deauthorized account with the red line on the left and enlarge the Refresh authorization button.


Learn how to authorize your accounts here :arrow-forward: