Alerts are email or push notifications informing you about new mentions in a selected project.

Alerts are very useful when it comes to protecting your brand reputation. :bell: SentiOne alerts can be sent out daily, or in the case of a sudden mention spike. You can create or delete alerts at any time.

What can I do in the Alerts module?

:one: Create a Standard alert

A Standard alert can be created in two ways:

:large-blue-diamond: Trigger a notification once SentiOne crosses a threshold of new mentions. :1234:

:large-blue-diamond: Get daily notifications with a result summary :calendar:

:two: Create a Crisis alert

A Crisis alert will trigger automatically once certain crisis-related keywords are detected in association with your brand. Currently, this alert is only available for mentions in the Polish language.
:point-right: Please contact us via Intercom or email if you're interested in trying it out.

:three: Edit or delete alerts

Use the pencil and trash icons to edit or delete selected alerts.

Learn more about Alerts :fast-forward: