Advanced Analysis



An Advanced Analysis is an Analysis designed to compare multiple Projects. If you're running several social listening projects and want to understand how they relate to and affect each other, you can analyse and categorise them by the monitoring language, brands, market segments et cetera. It's a good way to gain an overview of an entire industry or market.

When does an Advanced Analysis come in handy?

Tom runs a popular blog about the automotive industry and wants to analyse markets in different countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Russia). :bar-chart:

First, he configures attributes that define every car:

  • Segments
  • Manufacturers
  • Models
  • Country of origin

Following that, he starts creating projects. After creating one that defines a single car model on one market, he sets the appropriate attributes and clicks save. Then, he can replicate the project across different languages. Once he repeats the procedure for 10 different cars, he ends up with 60 different projects — configuring them by hand would be too time consuming.

However, since the attributes and projects have been defined, Tom can create an Advanced Analysis and verify some of his hypotheses:

  • Germans prefer German manufacturers - Advanced Analysis with selected German projects grouped by attribute “country of origin”, widget “Sentiment summary”
  • SUVs are popular in Russia - Advanced Analysis with selected SUV projects grouped by attribute “country”, widget “Sentiment map”
  • Skoda is more popular in Poland than in the Czech Republic - Advanced Analysis with selected Skoda projects grouped by attribute “country”, widget “Sentiment map”
  • Women in Germany prefer small cars - Advanced Analysis with selected segment A and B projects grouped by attribute “country”, widget “Gender map”.