Social profiles rules

Social profiles

With SentiOne, you can monitor mentions on social profiles - Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter profiles, and YouTube channels. Use the dedicated fields that you can find in Social Profiles or Advanced project configurators.



In Advanced project configurator, Social Profiles rules can be used with Advanced Query simultaneously.

:large-blue-diamond: How can I monitor posts only on the page?

Use the Show button in the right corner of the field to select what types of mentions would you like to track. Deselect all of the options beside posts and you're ready to monitor page posts only! :sparkles:



Don't forget!

  • Monitoring Facebook pages includes: page posts, comments on the page, shares, page reviews and @mentions (posts of other business pages where profile was tagged). Private messages available for authorized pages only. Check out how to authorize own account here :point-right: Why should I authorize a social media account and how to do it?

  • Monitoring Instagram profiles includes: profile posts. Comments on the profile, profile @mentions and private messages available for authorized pages only.

  • Monitoring Twitter profiles includes: profile Tweets, Retweets and comments to tweets. Private messages available for authorized profiles only. Check out how to authorize own account here :point-right: Why should I authorize a social media account and how to do it?

  • Monitoring YouTube channels includes: channel videos and comments

:large-blue-diamond: How can I track particular topics discussed on the page (e.g. related to fashion)?

You can monitor the whole content of the profile, but if you're interested in particular topics - we've got a solution for you! :muscle:

:small-blue-diamond: If you're in Social Profiles project configurator, put the proper keywords in Filter results from social profiles field, so SentiOne will search for mentions containing the given words only.

:small-blue-diamond: If you use Advanced project configurator, put the keywords in Advanced keywords field and select the checkbox Filter by advanced keywords and languages. Thanks to that you'll get the mentions with the given keywords only.


Instagram hashtags

Besides tracking social profiles themselves, with Instagram it is possible to track posts based on hashtags. Field Instagram hashtags is available in every project configurator (Brand, Social Profiles and Advanced). In order to use it, simply put the hashtag in the field and save the project to start gathering the results :fast-forward:


To learn more about Instagram hashtag rule and its limits, check out this page :point-right: Instagram hashtags


TikTok rule allows you to track public posts, comments and mentions written by given author. It is available in Advanced project configurator.



Don't forget!

Remember to save the project so SentiOne will start tracking entered keywords, hashtags or @profile_names!

Facebook groups

Advanced project configurator set up allows you to track discussions happening on Facebook groups.



To start monitoring group, you have to authorize Facebook account in SentiOne and be the administrator of the group.

Select one of the following fields and paste the link to the group :point-right:

:large-blue-diamond: Facebook group (filtered) will filter the results by Advanced Keywords

:large-blue-diamond: Facebook group will search for every result from the group