πŸ”· What can be monitored on Instagram in general?

Business profiles' posts and Reels with number of likes, but without comments. Media can be searched by hashtags or profile URL.

πŸ”· What data can I get from own authorized Instagram account?

  • photo or video posts with number of likes
  • Reels with number of likes
  • comments related to your media (meaning: comments placed on your own profile)
  • posts where your authorized account was tagged with @accountName or mentioned by #accountName
  • your own Instagram Stories
  • Direct Messages


Don't forget!

To start collecting data from Instagram, you have to authorize Instagram Business account in SentiOne!

Check out how to do that πŸ‘‰ Why should I authorize a social media account and how to do it?

πŸ”· Can I collect historical data from Instagram?

  • When searching for Instagram #hashtags, you can get data from last 24 hours. We recommend you to constantly tracking important hashtags (include them in your project configuration), so you will collect the data over time. πŸ“ˆ
  • When searching for Instagram profiles, you can get the historical posts (meaning, media older than 24 hours can be collected) β˜‘οΈ

πŸ”· What are the limitations of Instagram hashtags?

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Instagram hashtags rules and limitations πŸ‘‰ here

πŸ”· How can I turn on Instagram Direct Messages?

First, you need to have the Enterprise package πŸ‘‘
Then, try a step-by-step guide on how to get access to Instagram DMs in SentiOne πŸ‘‰ Instagram Direct Messages