Getting started

SentiOne monitors over 5 million sources all around the world. This includes popular social media platforms, blogs, forums and many other websites. Sources are the core ingredient of social listening. Check out the most frequently asked questions about sources in SentiOne 👇

1️⃣ From which sources can SentiOne get author data?

SentiOne gets author-related data from all the web sources including websites (comments section), blogs, forums and review sites. Furthermore among the social sites, X provides information about the name of the authors. Facebook and Instagram only provide author-related information if the page is public, or the channel on which the content was created had been authorized previously into the system. Otherwise the system shows no author data.

2️⃣ Why is there some content missing from a certain social media channel?

SentiOne can guarantee to gather all the contents from a certain channel if it is authorized into the system. In other cases SentiOne gathers all the information that the social sites' API provides. In case you want to make sure that you have the maximum available mentions from a channel, first you should create a Social Profiles project where you put all the interesting social channels into the system. If this solution doesn’t work, you can send the channel to the Customer Success team of SentiOne. Our colleagues are going to make efforts to gain as many posts/comments from a channel as possible. Beware though, that it is not always the total number of posts/comments and some might be missing.

3️⃣ How to add a missing post or page to the SentiOne?

If you’re concerned that a social media page is missing from our database, please include that page in Social Profiles project configuration, save it, and wait a few hours. Usually it is enough for our crawlers to get the data from that page. If not, please contact customer service and provide the links to specific pages or posts that are missing. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee we can crawl every single mention from a social page, unless it is authorized in your SentiOne account.

4️⃣ Why do I see fewer posts in SentiOne for a hashtag than in Instagram itself?

When you search for an Instagram hashtag, SentiOne is allowed to gather the mentions from the last 24 hours only (it’s a limitation by Instagram’s policy). Once you save your project with the hashtags, SentiOne can collect all mentions day by day.

5️⃣ Why can’t I see any mention from Facebook?

Please, check if you authorized a Facebook page into the SentiOne system. If not, please do it, so that you can see data from Facebook. If you are sure that the authorization is done correctly, then make sure that you put those Facebook channels into the project that you would like to analyze - beware that it might take a couple of hours for SentiOne to gather the data from the given channels. If you are positive that you did all these steps correctly, then please contact the SentiOne Customer Success team, they’ll help you right away.

6️⃣ Why YouTube data is missing after 30 days?

YouTube restricted their API data access in 2019. To meet their regulations, we needed to implement the following restrictions in SentiOne:

  • Data from YouTube can be kept for maximum 30 days, therefore after 30 days it will be deleted from the database.
  • It is not allowed to implement algorithms like sentiment, gender, reach detection on Youtube statements.
  • YouTube data can not be aggregated 🙅 As a result, they are not presented in the Analyzes at all, and filtering by domain groups (e.g. Video), sentiment or gender will not contain YouTube statements in the Mentions module. However, if you filter for domain “” in Mentions view, you can see the YouTube data.

7️⃣ How to start monitoring Google Reviews?

Check out these 3 simple steps!