Insights ✨ are the automatically generated observations that inform you about the most important stuff happening around your brand. Thanks to being quickly accessible, they help you track the brand performance without any effort.

Insights are all about this sentence:

You don’t need to do this job manually anymore.

🔷 What can I find in Insights?

Insights are build from different sections (boxes), and each one contain other observations. See their descriptions below 👇

Peaks Analysis

Check out the most important events that happened in last week or month! 📆 Our algorithm automatically detects days with the highest number of mentions and prepares the quick analysis that contains 👉

  • the total number of mentions with insight as to whether is was also the day with the highest reach in a given period
  • the source where the discussions took place most often
  • link to most popular posts or articles and insight into their share in all discussions, thanks to which you know if the discussion was focused in one place or rather scattered


Don't forget!

SentiOne detects up to 3 peaks in a given period.


With this insight you can check how many unique users took part in the conversations. It sums the unique authors across all sources. 🌐



Please note that sometimes SentiOne cannot get the author name (e.g. from comments posted by Facebook private users profiles) and these authors are not counted into the result.

Beside number of unique authors, check the most impactful Facebook page categories that represents the types of pages where mentions generated the highest reach.

You can see if they were spreading the word in a more positive or negative way by looking at the bars colors. The categories in which positive mentions prevailed over negative ones, or vice versa, are marked in green 💚 or red ❤️, respectively. If more than 80% of the mentions are neutral, the category is marked in blue 💙.


Stay up-to-date and get to know what hashtags are trending right now, and what’s no longer interesting for your clients. Thanks to Trends you can see ⏩

  • which hashtags are getting more and more popular lately
  • which hashtags are still on everyone’s lips
  • which hashtags are disappearing from discussions

🔹 How the trends are calculated?

Trends are based on top hashtags in your project. SentiOne combines most popular hashtags with their growing or decreasing trend.

  • Raising hashtags have the biggest growth in number of occurrences in the analyzed period
  • Stable trends grow or decrease no more than 5% of their occurrences in the analyzed period
  • Fading trends have the biggest drop in number of occurrences in the analyzed period

Best Sources

This insight will show you the best performing sources rated in 3 categories 👉

  • Biggest impact represents the source with both the highest number of mentions and highest reach. It also shows if the impact was positive or negative, and gives an overview of commentators gender.
  • Biggest growth shows the source with the highest growth in number of mentions, comparing to previous period. You will find out if the growth is rather positive or negative.
  • Biggest gender difference finds the source where the difference between number of female commenters compared to male commenters is the hugest.

Big Picture

With this insight you can see the trend in number of mentions and overall social media engagement. Based on the last 3 full months, check if number of results is constantly increasing or rather decreasing, and look at the analysis of interactions in time. Besides, "Big Picture" will tell you which month performed best.

Brand Health

Spot the changes in number of positive & negative mentions and see how it affected your Brand Health Index in comparison to previous period!



Insights are in the constant progress, so don't hesitate to share the feedback and let us know what do you like, what should be improved, and what insights do we still miss!

🔷 Why can't I see Insights for last year period?

It is not technically possible at the moment, but we are working on enabling Insights for longer time periods.