User is an individual person using SentiOne, who has a specific role and belongs to the team.
Role is a predefined set of permissions that can be assigned to the User.
Team is a group of Users that can collaborate together on specific Projects.

At SentiOne, there is a possibility to collaborate on online listening projects as a team. Users module allows you to manage single users, their roles as well as manage whole teams. 👫
Depending on your subscription plan, you can add new users to the SentiOne tool and connect them in groups. For every user or a role, you can set custom permissions that will reflect what they can and what they cannot do while using SentiOne.

What can I do in the Users tab?

1️⃣ Create new users and manage their permissions

Select the Create+ button to make a new account for your colleague. First, type the e-mail address, then optionally choose a predefined role or team. If you don’t have any roles, you can set up the permissions manually.

2️⃣ Set up roles

If you have plenty of team members, and don’t want to set up permissions manually every time, check out the Roles tab. Here you can create customized sets of permissions and combine them into roles.



Choose the names that will clearly reflect roles, for example “Basic user”, “Team leader” or “Admin”.

3️⃣ Connect people in teams

Creating teams in SentiOne makes it possible to share work on online conversations between departments. Based on teams, you can narrow the visibility of the projects down to specific people. Besides, the system can automatically limit responsibility of managing specific social profiles or markets within SentiOne React. To create a team, find a proper button in the Teams management tab.