Google Reviews

🔷 What are the limitations for Google Reviews?

As it appears in Google API policy, data can be kept by providers like SentiOne for maximum 30 days (meaning, after 30 days reviews will be deleted or refreshed in the system). Source 👉 Google Business Profile APIs

🔷 How to start monitoring Google Reviews?

Google Reviews are one of the most important sources of customer feedback. To start tracking the reviews, follow 3 steps:

1️⃣ Use Google to search for the object you are interested in and switch to Maps


2️⃣ Select the object and click on Reviews


3️⃣ Copy the link from a browser bar and paste it to Advanced project configuration.


Find Google Reviews rule in the Advanced project configurator under Source dropdown label 👉


It’s ready! 🎉 Enjoy analyzing Google Reviews!



Please note that collecting results might take a few hours.