What does Thread History present?

While writing ✏️ response, it is very often important to understand what happened with the thread before ❔, e.g. who or which team was assigned in the first place, what were the previous statuses and conversations with the mention author.


The history of thread is a really helpful feature available on all accounts with access to SentiOne React. It shows all the previous actions done from the moment the threads were created. We can see following information:

  • assigning / reassigning / unassigning (who assigned the thread to whom and when)
  • creating notes (who created the note and when + content)
  • deleting notes (who deleted the note and when + content)
  • replying / creating drafts (who created the reply and when + content)
  • adding tags (who added the tag and when + name of the tag)
  • adding statuses (who added the status and when + name of the status)
  • drafts approval (who approved the draft and when)
  • drafts rejection (who rejected the draft and when)
  • adding / deleting notes to drafts (who added/deleted note and when + content)
  • updating drafts (who updated the draft and when + content)
  • changing statuses (who changed the status and when + name of the status)
  • ignoring (who ignored the thread and when)
  • unignoring (who unignored the thread and when)