SentiOne takes into consideration the direct and the indirect interactions the mention generated and calculates viewable impressions based on a unique algorithm.

We use several reach estimation approaches for different sources:

🔷 To estimate the reach for generic web pages, we use measurements of traffic for the domain provided by an external vendor. In order to estimate the reach for a specific statement, we combine different statistics for the domain. What we take into account as well is traffic on a domain, number of unique visits, lifetime of the content, vitality of a page (e.g. how often the page is updated), type of the content (comment, article, etc.) and other information.

🔷 For internet forums, we use a neural network algorithm that estimates the number of views based on characteristics of a thread and forum.

🔷 For social media, we use either values given directly from a specific API (for data in Owned Media analysis), or estimation based on the number of interactions with a post and followers (for data in Standard analysis).