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Here you can find latest product updates. Expect fresh news every two weeks! :tada:

:calendar: May 17, 2023: Where on Earth is your audience?

:large-blue-diamond: New widget: Top locations

You can now check the places where most of the mentions' authors were located.

Enjoy to switch between following areas :point-right:

:small-blue-diamond: continents

:small-blue-diamond: countries

:small-blue-diamond: regions (such as states or provinces)

:small-blue-diamond: cities

All of that to get to know your audience better! :heartpulse:

Click here to learn more about the Widgets.


Where to find Top locations widget?

Go to Analysis :point-right: display any dashboard :point-right: click Customize button in the top left corner :point-right: find Audience tab :point-right: hover your mouse over it, look for Top locations and click on it :point-right: widget should appear on your dashboard!

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:rocket: You can now resize the Ideal Customer Profile widget to better fit into your screen size.

:calendar: Apr 19, 2023: Maintenance work

Easter was a great time to have a few days offs! :hatched-chick: :bouquet: However, we always make sure you receive the best possible support, so in the last two weeks we provided bunch of improvements and fixes.

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:rocket: We've been working on improving the Twitter data coverage. SentiOne still provides continuous access to the official API.

:rocket: Once there were URLs available just for Reddit posts, now it's time for level up. When using Go to source option, you will be redirected to exact Reddit comment.

:bug: Simple Reply popup window is now closed after your message is sent.

:calendar: Apr 5, 2023: Find the most liked & shared content easy

:large-blue-diamond: Advanced mentions sorting

You can now sort social media content by number of followers, likes and shares :heartpulse:

Brand new sorting options can be found in Mentions module or Analysis' widgets. For example, they can help you with :point-right:

:small-blue-diamond:finding posts with the biggest number of likes

:small-blue-diamond:preparing list of creators with the highest number of followers

:large-blue-diamond: ChatGPT BETA tests

In the upcoming week we will contact selected customers regarding ChatGPTxSentiOne experimental feature. Stay tuned! :sparkles:

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:bug: It is now possible to set up the same minimum and maximum values for Likes, Comments, Shares and Followers advanced filters in Mentions.

:calendar: Mar 22, 2023: Reddit is here!

:large-blue-diamond: More data in SentiOne

You can now find Reddit results in SentiOne :fire: With this integration we give you the opportunity to monitor posts & comments, track users profiles and your owned account content with private messages.

Go and check Reddit documentation for important details, but here's a short version for those who need it :point-right:

:small-blue-diamond:if you want to search Reddit content by keywords, you don't need to configure anything, we collect data automatically based on your projects' keywords :sunglasses:

:small-blue-diamond:if you want to search for users profiles, authorize Reddit account first, and then use social profile Reddit rule step by step HERE


Where to find Reddit data?

Go to Mentions :point-right: find Source filter on the right :point-right: select Reddit checkbox

Watch out! Some of the historical Reddit mentions can be found in Forums source category. If you need precise sum of all Reddit results, it's better to use Website address (URL) filter.

:large-blue-diamond: Introducing new type of mention: Retweets

You can now find Retweets as a separate category in Type of mention filter! Bring your Analyses to a more customized and advanced level. Thanks to that, searching for Retweets and creating charts have never been easier.

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:rocket: You can now see who and when created the folder - just hover the chosen folder on the list with your mouse.

:rocket: Search bar on projects list is now displayed no matter how many projects you have (previously it showed up only when you had more than 4 projects).

:bug: There is no longer an issue with displaying axis' labels on the charts in Shared Analyses.

:calendar: Mar 10, 2023: Mentions filters brought to the next level

:large-blue-diamond: Advanced filters in Mentions panel

You can now filter social media content by number of followers, likes, comments and shares! :tada:

4 brand new filtering options are available under Show advanced filters button at the bottom of the Mentions module.

Set up of the exact range is possible in two ways :point-right:

:small-blue-diamond:using a slider

:small-blue-diamond:editing text values

Searching for micro influencers or top commented posts was never that easy!

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:rocket: You can now easily access this page via link on the bottom of app sidebar. Simply look for WHAT'S NEW? button.

:bug: After issue with counter in Mentions module, number of statements is now displayed correctly.

:bug: It is again possible to change gender of the mention's author.

:calendar: Feb 22, 2023: Bugs away!

:large-blue-diamond: Adding projects to folder made easy

Select all button is now available with searching while creating a folder :ballot-box-with-check:

Do you struggle with a lot of projects names starting with the same prefix? Would like to get them all into a folder with one click?

You can now search for a project name, press Select all and voila! You have it all in the folder.

Click here to learn more on how to manage projects folders.

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:bug: You can now search for nested folders using search bar on Projects list.

:bug: You can now create nested folders (was not available for a moment).

:calendar: Feb 13, 2023: Insightful audience analysis

:large-blue-diamond: Insights: introducing Authors

With newly added Authors insight, you can now quickly check a few pieces of information :point-right:

:small-blue-diamond: How many unique authors are taking part in the discussions? See the number of people who posted mentions across all sources. Please note that in some cases SentiOne cannot obtain the author's name (e.g. when it comes to comments created by private Facebook users) and these authors are not counted in the result.

:small-blue-diamond: What are the most impactful Facebook authors categories? It helps you understand in which business categories Facebook authors recorded the highest reach. In addition, you can check if they're spreading the word in a rather positive or negative way. Place the cursor on the chart to see details regarding reach and sentiment.

Click here to learn more about the Insights.


Where to find Authors insight?

Go to Analysis :point-right: display any standard dashboard :point-right: click Insights button in the top right corner

:large-blue-diamond: Filter by Facebook authors categories

You can now filter Facebook mentions by authors categories. Thanks to that you can see in which industries your brand was discussed the most often. Use it to analyze your audience more efficiently :muscle:


Where to find it?

Go to Mentions :point-right: look for Facebook authors categories among the other filters in the right-side panel :point-right: click on it to see what authors categories are found in currently chosen project

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:rocket: You can now see huge numbers in Best Sources insight in a more user friendly manner.

:bug: Percentage growth values in Best Sources insight are displayed correctly now.

:calendar: Jan 25, 2023: Retweets sentiment change made easy

:large-blue-diamond: Sentiment bulk change for Retweets

You can now change the sentiment of all the same Retweets with one click! :fire:

We know that changing Retweets' sentiment manually was a nightmare. We added the bulk operation for this mention type only, because Retweets are kind of the same statements with the same content, so the risk of damage to other users is close to zero.

Click here to learn more about the sentiment.

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:rocket: From now on, you can see nested folders on projects choosers in the more intuitive way (example: selecting projects for comparative analysis).

:bug: You can filter threads by mention type in SentiOne React normally again.

:bug: Nested comments on Wykop.pl are now posted and displayed correctly.

:calendar: Jan 11, 2023: New insights & folders nesting just landed

:large-blue-diamond: Insights: Best Sources

You can now discover the best-performing sources rated in 3 categories :point-right:

:small-blue-diamond: The most impactful source with insight about it's reach, sentiment and gender share :crown:

:small-blue-diamond: The source of the biggest growth, together with info if the growth was rather positive or negative :chart-with-upwards-trend:

:small-blue-diamond: See the source with the biggest difference in number of commenting women and men :womens: :mens:

Click here to learn more about the Insights.


Where to find Best Sources insight?

Go to Analysis :point-right: display any standard dashboard :point-right: click Insights button in the top right corner

:large-blue-diamond: Facebook authors categories

You can now find the author description under the Facebook page name.

The so called Facebook page category tells you what the business (author of the mention) does - e.g. it's News & Media website, or Italian Restaurant. Thanks to that you can check which business branches are talking about your brand the most.

You also will be able to filter by the authors categories soon :fire:


Where to find Facebook authors categories?

Go to Mentions :point-right: take a look at any Facebook mention created by a page (not a private user) :point-right: the category is under the page name

You can also spot it in Analysis, for example on Top Authors widget.

:large-blue-diamond: Projects folders nesting

You can now create folders... in the folders :heart-eyes: Simply click on the Create folder button and you will see the possibility to select parent folder. Build the perfect hierarchy and use it to organize your projects even more effective. Note that maximum level of nesting is 5.

Click here to learn more on how to manage projects folders.

:top: Improvements and bug fixes

:rocket: You can now see some mentions marked as Quote Tweets, so you can easily differentiate them from Tweets or Retweets, and make your analysis even deeper.

:rocket: If you set up your Instagram Ads both to display as Post and Story, you will see 2 mentions in SentiOne. Are they duplicates? Not really. They have different metadata such as number of likes or comments, and we mark them differently - as Ad Story or Ad Post - so you shouldn't be confused. It's going to work for newly crawled mentions. Previously SentiOne collected Ad Stories only.