How do I manage projects folders?

:large-blue-diamond: How to start organizing projects in folders?

Think how you would like to group the projects and if you're ready, simply click on +Create folder button in the upper right corner of Projects module :point-right:

Give your first folder a name and select the projects you want to add there. If you're not sure yet - don't worry! You can always add or remove projects from the folder :ok-hand:

:large-blue-diamond: How to edit folder's name?

In order to change folder's name, click on the pencil icon on the right side of folder's tile.

:large-blue-diamond: How can I quickly add multiple projects into a folder?

Edit the folder (click the pencil icon on the right side on folder's tile) and start selecting or deselecting the projects you want to have in the folder :fast-forward:

:large-blue-diamond: How to add a project to the folder, or move it from one folder to another?

In order to do that, use the Move button on the right side of the project's tile and select the folder you'd like to see project in :heavy-check-mark:


Don't forget!

If your project is in the folder A, but you want this project not to be in any folder, use Remove from folder option :ok-hand:

:large-blue-diamond: I want to delete the folder. Will I loose the projects?

No, you are not going to loose the projects! They will come back to All projects list :relaxed:

Before deleting the folder, we will show you the message to make sure you confirm this operation :point-left:

:large-blue-diamond: How can I see my folders only?

If you are the only one working on the specific folder, use the Last updated by filtering option and simple put your name there! :point-right:

:large-blue-diamond: Can I create another folder in the folder?

Yes! :tada: If simple folders are not enough for you, try to structure your projects into nested folders.

:small-blue-diamond: How can you do that?

While creating a folder, take a look at the Folder field and select the one that should be the parent folder for a created one :point-right:

:small-blue-diamond:How can you use it?

Use it to create the perfect hierarchy designed to meet your needs. As an example, look how can you use the nested folders for competitors analyses :point-right:

There is a folder "My competitors" and two folders "Coca cola" and "Pepsi" in it



You can create up to 5 nested folders. For example, this is the maximum possible nesting level that you can get :arrow-right:

  1. Main folder
    ... 2. Nested folder
    ...... 3. Another folder
    ......... 4. One more folder
    ............ 5. And the last nested folder