Response templates



Response templates are one of the many functionalities available in SentiOne React. They allow agents and managers to create ready-to-use reply drafts, which can be used to quickly answer commonly asked questions and problems reported by users and clients.

What advantages can response templates bring you?

Customer care teams use different kinds of resources (knowledge center, FAQs) on a daily basis. They are usually available on agents’ computers, online, or on paper.
Such solutions always require extra effort from employees – they have to go through each source every time they need them. Proper templates have to be found and copied in. Although resources like that ostensibly save time for agents – after all, they don’t have to re-type the same answer dozens of times – the way they are generally implemented and utilised is not optimal, as getting to the right template takes many actions. Here at SentiOne, we decided to cut down these actions to the absolute minimum – hence the creation of response templates.

Because response templates are easily accessible from the response view, the length of the entire customer care process can be significantly shortened.