:large-orange-diamond: Learn more about our approach to determining sentiment :point-right: sentiment analysis

:large-orange-diamond: Sentiment share

Shows all of the mentions divided by sentiment:
:green-heart: positive
:large-blue-diamond: neutral
:red-circle: negative.

:large-orange-diamond: Mentions in time by sentiment

Shows the number of mentions in time, divided by sentiment (positive, neutral or negative).

:large-orange-diamond: Sentiment comparison

Compares different projects by sentiment: positive, neutral, or negative.

:large-orange-diamond: Sentiment prism

Displays the ratio of sentiment in time.

:large-orange-diamond: Brand Health Index

Shows the ratio of positive to negative statements in a given time period.

:point-right: How is the BHI calculated? The formula is following :arrow-forward:
BHI = number of positive mentions / (number of positive + negative mentions)