What is an AI Analysis report?

AI analysis report helps you to learn how your brand is perceived online with an in-depth analysis generated using artificial intelligence algorithms.


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AI analysis report works for mentions written in Polish language only

:large-blue-diamond: What information can I find in AI analysis report?

This report is based on data gathered from the online monitoring of public discussions. The technology used allows the discovery and analysis of relevant mentions published in various sources such as social media, websites, forums, blogs, and review sites. AI analysis presents results processed by several machine learning models :point-right:

:large-blue-diamond: Emotions. SentiOne is based on an advanced natural language processing engine which can precisely pinpoint the emotional context of any online statement. Our algorithm analyses each mention and assigns it one of the following emotions:

  • Joy: a positive statement exhibiting clear happiness or satisfaction
  • Sadness: a statement expressing despair, full of negative sentiment
  • Fear: a statement filled with anxiety and dread
  • Anger: a statement charged with anger, vexation, or outright fury
  • Disappointment: a statement implying dissatisfaction, disappointment or disgust
  • Sarcasm: a statement dripping with sarcasm, irony, or ridicule

:large-blue-diamond: Mention categories. Every minute, SentiOne crawlers visit a staggering amount of social media pages, forums, blogs, and websites – basically, anywhere users gather to exchange their thoughts. An in-depth understanding of mention categories and places in which your brand is most often mentioned is critical when planning campaigns. Here are the categories you’ll find within the report:

  • Opinion: indicates subjective opinions for a given topic
  • Experience: statements describing a person’s experience with your brand or product
  • Suggestion: statements intended for your brand
  • Advice: recommendations in regards to your brand addressed to other users
  • Advertisement: a statement intended to advertise your brand or product
  • Lead: mentions made by potential clients. Leads indicate people potentially interested in your products or services.
  • Trolling: negatively charged, unfounded statements aimed at eliciting a response from your brand

:large-blue-diamond: Anomaly analysis. The discussion detection algorithm is able to identify the topics and keywords which generated the most mentions for a given keyword. AI models then analyse and summarise the most important discussions in order to present the most commonly repeated phrases and keywords within these discussions. You can examine the sources for the most popular statements by clicking on the words in the box next to the anomaly description. Analysing popular discussions can help verify the results of your campaign, find topics relevant for your clients, and discover influencers.

:large-blue-diamond: Aspects analysis. Our high quality content module is able to detect aspects – statements describing a given product’s attributes, such as its price or quality. The context of the user’s statement is determined to be either positive or negative. This report allows you to learn which aspects of your brand and products are most often discussed by your online audience - and what they think about them. The keyword cloud allows you to check which characteristics are most often associated with specific aspects (for instance “price” - “incredibly high” or “surprisingly affordable”).

:large-blue-diamond: Audience analysis. SentiOne works through countless forums and social media sites in order to determine your audience’s interests. Breaking down discussions based on interests can show you the topics raised by people mentioning your brand online. We can also detect the posters’ gender based on a name database and linguistic gender indicators. Categorising your mentions by interests and gender can help you precisely aim your campaigns at the correct segments of your audience.

:large-blue-diamond: Crisis analysis. The crisis detection algorithm combs through the internet in search of any mentions that can damage your brand’s reputation. SentiOne classifies these statements into one of several categories: general, legal, outages, mobbing, theft, boycotts, outrage, dissuasion, losing clients, ecological concerns, animal testing, ingredients in cosmetics, and allergic reactions. This section of the report can tell you when critical mentions were at their peak and compare their number to the overall number of mentions for that day. Learn what was discussed and protect your good image.

:large-blue-diamond: How can I get an AI report?

:one: First, you need to have the Enterprise package. :crown:
:two: Second, go to Reports module and look for AI analysis report type. Generate it and download in one of the following formats :arrow-forward:

  • PDF
  • PPTX
  • XLSX



Please keep in mind that in XLSX format you can get up to 10k results only!