After logging in to SentiOne, you're dropped in the Projects module. ✈️



A Project is a search query that defines exactly what you are looking for on the internet: mentions about a brand, its products, its competitors — or any topic you can imagine! It contains a set of keywords and rules that SentiOne uses to collect information from its online sources.

The Projects module is where you can create your first project, manage existing ones, or navigate to the related Mentions and Analyses. You can also check the number of created projects against the total number of projects available for the account. If you need more slots, contact our team via e-mail or Intercom message and we will help you out! 💪

What can I do in the Projects view?

1️⃣ Create new projects

Use the +Create button and choose one out of three project templates: Brand, Social Profiles, or Advanced. Follow these steps to learn how to build simple queries or watch this video if you need more advanced configuration.

2️⃣ Edit existing projects

Click the pencil icon near the selected project name to edit the search query.

3️⃣ Delete projects

If you want to delete the project, select the quick menu placed near the Edit button and click Delete.

The quick menu also allows you to rename or clone your projects.

4️⃣ Organize projects into folders

Use the +Create folder button, come up with a folder's name and select the projects. Thanks to that you can get a clean view of your projects list!

5️⃣ Create random sample

Select the Random sample button to create a new project containing 1-20% of data taken from the total mentions set. Learn how to create a Random Sample

How to set up a project

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