What should I prepare before setting up the routing?

To set up routing on a business client account, it is very important to understand how a company and its specific departments work 💪

Based on this knowledge, you need to:

1️⃣ have proper projects set up ✏️ - monitoring exact projects that your team is willing to support using SentiOne React;
2️⃣ add users 💁 to company account, who will be responsible for replying to threads and assign users to proper teams - they should be divided based on their departments (e.g. Client Service, Marketing, HR);
3️⃣ define responsibilities, types of social media which they support 📑.

When a company account is created the last step is to define routing table: which project should be assigned to which team automatically and define its priority.



When routing is set up, every team has separate queues where threads are assigned to, when the agent has no thread in service, they will automatically get a new thread to work on.