What is the difference between ‘content only’ and ‘contextual’ queries?

🔷 In the content only mode, SentiOne will only capture those mentions that specifically contain the keyword. No other comments or shares are considered. Title of a mention is not a part of this search.

🔷 In the contextual configuration, you’ll gather every mention that contains the keyword, as well as its comments. It doesn’t matter if the comments themselves contain the keyword. To be more precise, mentions are going to be included in the search if the keyword is places in any of the following areas:

  • mention's content or its parent post (online article, Facebook post, YouTue video etc.)
  • name of a domain the mention was published in
  • name of a person who published the mention
  • name of a profile the mention comes from
  • title of the mention


Don't forget!

The default setting in SentiOne is contextual.