:large-orange-diamond: Results summary

An overview of all of the results found for a given project. Aside from showing the total number of mentions, their sentiment, and their source share, it shows how the results have shifted compared to the previous period. Sentiment detection is based on the proprietary algorithm provided by SentiOne.

:point-right: What does x% up and down mean? The up and down percentages presented below the results reflect a growth or decrease in number of mentions compared to the previous period. This means that if you see the data of the past 12 months, it is compared to the previous 12 months’ data.

:large-orange-diamond: Mentions in time

Shows the number of mentions a topic has received over time.

:large-orange-diamond: Buzz comparison

Shows the ratio between the number of mentions for two or more projects.

:large-orange-diamond: Keyword cloud

Shows the words that are most commonly associated with a given topic. The size of each word indicates how often a word appeared and colour indicates its sentiment: positive (green), negative (red), or neutral (blue). Click on the keyword for additional options.

:point-right: Can I ignore keywords from Keyword cloud? It is not possible to remove keywords from Keyword cloud, however, you can ignore particular keywords from the project setup directly.

:large-orange-diamond: Topic map

Shows the connections between the most important words in the project, in order to easily identify topics that are trending in the discussions. The algorithm chooses the most important keywords, but not necessarily the most popular ones - that's why the results can differ from Keyword Cloud widget. Topic map is based on best-scored samples (score is the number which tells how good match the mention is) and not the whole pool of mentions.

:small-orange-diamond: Size of the node represents approximation of word popularity: the bigger the node, the more important the word is in the discussion.

:small-orange-diamond: Color of the node represents sentiment of a word in context of the discussion: green stands for positive, blue for neutral and red for negative.

:point-right: What is the difference between most popular and most important words?

  • The most popular words are those which appear in discussions the most frequently (have the highest number of occurences).
  • The most important keywords are those which stand out in the results when compared to all results. They might be most popular keywords at the same time.



Word "electric" might appear in 5% of mentions overall, but within mentions filtered by word "Tesla", the word "electric" may be present in 30% of them. This is a huge increase when compared to overall popularity of the word and because of it, it's considered as important in the "Tesla" query.

:large-orange-diamond: All mentions list

Shows the list of all results for a given project and chosen period of time.

:large-orange-diamond: Image gallery

Shows the most recent images found within a given project.

:large-orange-diamond: Social stream

Shows a real-time stream of mentions for a given project. Updated automatically once new mentions appear.

:large-orange-diamond: Anomaly strength in time

Shows the number of standard deviations from the average number of mentions.

:large-orange-diamond: Anomalies in time

Shows the real time volume of anomalies and the threshold indicating a potential crisis.

:large-orange-diamond: Top hashtags

Shows which hashtags users used most often.

:large-orange-diamond: Mentions in time by country

Shows the number of mentions in time, divided by country.

:large-orange-diamond: Mentions in time by language

Shows the number of mentions in time, divided by languages.

:large-orange-diamond: Mentions breakdown by country

Shows number of mentions in a project divided by country in which they were written.

:large-orange-diamond: Mentions breakdown by language

Shows number of mentions in a project divided by language.

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