Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

:one: What languages does SentiOne Listen monitor?

SentiOne monitors content in more than 70 languages! :earth-americas:

:large-blue-diamond: We provide full support for 27 languages including English (en, en-gb, en-ie), Polish (pl), German (de, de-at, de-ch), Russian (ru), Ukrainian (uk), Dutch (nl, nl-be), French (fr, fr-be, fr-ch), Slovene (sl), Bulgarian (bg), Czech (cs), Slovak (sk), Danish (da), Greek (el), Finnish (fi), Hungarian (hu), Swedish (sv), Norwegian (no), Romanian (ro), Latvian (lv), Lithuanian (lt), Serbian (sh, sr), Croatian (hr, sh), Bosnian (bs), Montenegrin (me), Italian (it, it-ch), Spanish (es-es, es,) and Portuguese (pt-pt, pt).

:large-blue-diamond: Additionally, we offer partial support for another 55 languages!

SentiOne Listen allows users to narrow their results down to particular markets. We are constantly expanding our coverage for new languages.

:two: How do I authorize a social media account?

In order to authorize your social media account follow these steps:

  • In the left-side menu, click on the Authorizations button. If you haven’t authorized any accounts yet, you can see a purple exclamation mark :exclamation:
  • Click on the Authorize new account button in the upper right corner :arrow-upper-right:
  • Choose the appropriate social media platform and click Authorize. The system will navigate you to the platform and will ask you to log in. Furthermore it will ask you to accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and ask you to accept that the system will see posts and comments. Proceed by clicking :ok:

Here's a step-by-step video tutorial :arrow-forward:

:three: Why was my social media account deauthorized?

If your social account was deauthorized, it likely happened because of one of the following reasons:

:large-blue-diamond: The 60-day integration period between your social account and SentiOne has expired

:large-blue-diamond: The user who authorized your social profile has lost their administrator rights

:large-blue-diamond: You — or one of your colleagues — removed the SentiOne app from the Facebook account.



In order for SentiOne Listen to continue collecting results from your Facebook profile, it will be necessary to re-authorize it by a person with administrator rights.

:four: What is the difference between ‘content only’ and ‘contextual’ queries?

  • In the content only mode, SentiOne will only capture those mentions that specifically contain the keyword. No other comments or shares are considered.
  • In the contextual configuration, you’ll gather every mention that contains the keyword, as well as its comments. It doesn’t matter if the comments themselves contain the keyword.


Don't forget!

The default setting in SentiOne is contextual.

:five: How can I monitor only one post and its comments?

You need to create a new project in Social Profiles or Advanced configuration. Add the social page to monitor and type in some of the post's text in quotation marks in the Filter results or Advanced keywords text box. This search is contextual, so you will get the post and its comments thread too! :bookmark-tabs:

:six: How do I only analyze comments, posts, or articles?

You can do it in two ways: qualitatively or quantitatively.

:large-blue-diamond: Go to the Mentions module and select the types of mentions you are interested in from the filters placed on the right side of the screen:

:large-blue-diamond: If you wish to only analyze a certain type of mention, go to the Analysis and select the appropriate category from the Filters section. Find this button on your widgets:


You can also change the filters for every widget in your Analysis at the same time. Click on a similar icon placed in the upper right corner of the Analysis.

:seven: How do I restore ignored mentions? Can I get deleted mentions back?

Easily! :muscle:
By default, you can’t see the ignored mentions in the Mentions view — and neither are they represented in any kind of analysis. They do, however, remain in the system.

On the right side of the Mentions view, between the different filtering options there is a toggle button called Show ignored mentions. One clicked, you’ll see all the previously ignored mentions — grayed out. If you want to put them back in the analysis, just click on the unignore button on the top right corner of the mention.

:eight: How are the sentiment and Brand Health Index values calculated?

:large-blue-diamond: Sentiment

Our sentiment analysis is based on research work by John R. Crawford and Julie D. Henry. Based on their PANAS research, we have created algorithms that help us determine the emotional attitude of the author towards the discussed subject.



You can always recategorize the sentiment of a mention in Mentions menu by clicking on the emoji icons in the bottom left corner of the mention.

:large-blue-diamond: Brand Health Index

Brand Health Index is the ratio of positive to negative mentions. It tells your how your brand is perceived online based on the emotional content of your mentions. It's calculated with a simple formula:

BHI = number of positive mentions / (number of positive + negative mentions)

:nine: How are the reach and Influence Score values calculated?

:large-blue-diamond: Reach

SentiOne Listen takes into consideration the direct and the indirect interactions the mention generated, and calculates viewable impressions based on a unique algorithm.
We use several reach estimation approaches for different sources:

  • To estimate the reach for generic web pages, we use measurements of traffic for the domain provided by an external vendor. In order to estimate the reach for a specific statement, we combine different statistics for the domain. What we take into account as well is traffic on the domain, the number of unique visits, content lifetime, page vitality, content type, and other information.
  • For internet forums, we use a neural network algorithm that estimates the number of views based on thread and forum characteristics.
  • For social media, we use either the values provided by the specific API, or an estimation based on the number of interactions with a post and the poster's followers.

:large-blue-diamond: Influence Score

Influence Score is based mainly on a mention’s reach. It helps you discover statements, authors, and sites that are the most popular and influential. Our system calculates each mention, site, and author found within your project and gives it a score from 1 to 10. This score is based on two things:

  • How likely it is for the mention to be seen
  • How many times a mention has been viewed, shared, or retweeted

:keycap-ten: How many analyses, alerts or reports am I allowed to create?

There is no limit whatsoever! You can create as many alerts, reports or analysis dashboard as you wish!



If you work in SentiOne as a member of a group, and many users use the platform at the same time, ensure transparency. Name your dashboards or reports after yourself or in a way that all the others will know which analysis belong to which user.