Why should I authorize a social media account and how to do it?

In case of Facebook and Instagram, you will only be able to get access to these platforms’ data, if you have at least one Facebook page and one professional Instagram account authorized in the SentiOne system. Moreover, you will get even faster access to your authorized pages. Let’s do this! :sunglasses:

:large-blue-diamond: On the left-side menu click on the Authorizations button. If you haven’t authorized any account yet, you can see a purple exclamation mark (it disappears after the authorization) :exclamation:

:large-blue-diamond: Click on the button Authorize new account in the upper right corner :arrow-upper-right:

:large-blue-diamond: Choose the social platform and click Authorize. The system will navigate you to the social media platform and will ask you to log in. Furthermore it will ask you to accept Privacy Policy and Terms of SentiOne, and ask you to accept that the system will see the authored posts and comments. Please, accept all of these by clicking :ok:

You can also try a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect your social media with SentiOne :fast-forward: