AI topics



This feature is available as a part of AI features add-on.

If you don't have access to it, please contact our team to try it out on your account.

AI topics is a mechanism invented to help you find most discussed themes among mentions in your projects. 🔢

With help of ChatGPT, SentiOne analyzes between 100 to 400 results with the highest Influence Score in your project and categorize them into common themes. Top 5 topics (most frequently appearing ones) are displayed in the widget 👇

For each topic, you can check the ratios of positive and negative mentions, read its summary and if you’re more curious, also see all the mentions related to the chosen topic. 💙


Where to find it?

Go to Analysis module and click on the Customize button in the upper left corner 👉 find Reach and Trends tab and select AI Topics widget from the list 👉 click Save and voila! Wait for the data to be loaded and enjoy checking the topics!