:large-blue-diamond: What can be monitored on Reddit in general?

  • Public posts with like score (upvotes-downvotes) and number of comments
  • Comments
  • Posts and comments published by a selected user (u/username) :woman: :man: and the ones where the user was @mentioned



If you want to monitor users profiles, you need to use social profiles Reddit rule and authorize Reddit account first!

:large-blue-diamond: What data can I get from authorized Reddit profile?

  • Own posts with comments
  • Own comments
  • Comments where the profile was @mentioned
  • Private Messages


Don't forget

SentiOne collects Private Messages that are placed in the Inbox of your Reddit account. Please be aware that system does not monitor Chats which are not available in official API.

:large-blue-diamond: Can I collect historical data from Reddit?

Yes, you can! :tada: SentiOne provides up to 3 years of historical data.

:large-blue-diamond: How to start monitoring Reddit users profiles?

:one: First, go to Authorizations and connect your Reddit account with SentiOne.

:two: Then, create a project (or edit existing one) to start gathering data. Please make sure to use social profiles Reddit rule that can be found in Social Profiles or Advanced project configurators.