Reports are structured summaries of your social listening results. SentiOne exports its reports as PDF or PowerPoint files.

SentiOne offers you four types of reports:

:large-blue-diamond: Brand Awareness (discover how your brand is perceived online)

:large-blue-diamond: Comparative (compare industries, competitors, or other topics)

:large-blue-diamond: Results (a list of mentions for qualitative analysis)

:large-blue-diamond: AI analysis (an AI-powered deep dive into a given topic) :point-right: Please contact us for more information.

What can I do with Reports?

:one: Create a personalized project summary

Use the Brand Awareness option to generate your personalized project summary. This option lets you select the types of mentions that will be included in the report and upload your logo, to give it that personal touch. :wink:

:two: Compare two or more topics

If you need to compare your brand with your competitors or perform a wider market analysis, use the Comparative template. It consists of a predefined set of widgets which have been selected specifically for this kind of work.

:three: Set up a periodic report

One-off reports are well and good, but sometimes you want to continuously keep your eye on a a topic of interest. That's where periodic reports come into play — once you create your report template, we'll take care of running your analyses for you and update you every day, every week, or every month.

Learn how to create reports here :fast-forward: